Learning Should Always Be Fun

Our mission at Hope Lutheran Learning Center is to worship God through service to people; to provide parents and their children with a quality day care program within a Christian environment.

Each month, we have a specific theme that is taught through stories, songs, art, and play. We have a featured letter, number, shape and color that are all implemented throughout the daily lessons. With a special book and nursery rhyme as well, the children receive a very well rounded curriculum.

Our Classes


With small teacher/child ratios, each infant receives the individual care required.
  • Ages: Infants



With plenty of space and activities to promote a child’s development, our toddlers are always moving forward!
  • Ages: Toddlers



With a classroom design specifically for the needs of two year olds, each day brings in a world of learning.
  • Ages: 2 Years Old



Children begin their pre-reading and pre-writing skills in an environment meant specifically for their age group.
  • Ages: School Age



With a well structured classroom, we focus on getting children “kinder ready” for public school.
  • Ages: Toddler – School Age


Do you need care in either the morning or afternoon for your 4 or 5 year old?

Need morning care?

We open at 6:30 am, provide breakfast at 8:00 am, prepare your child for kindergarten until lunch time that is served at 11:00 am, and will drop your child off at his/her public pre-k program.*

*We will only be able to drop off and pick up from select pre-K programs depending on location.

Need afternoon care?

We will pick up your child from their public pre-K program*, provide him/her with a full meal upon arrival, assist with homework, and provide care until 6:00 pm.

*We will only be able to drop off and pick up from select pre-K programs depending on location.


We pick up from several surrounding elementary schools, proved a full meal upon arrival, and are sure to provide homework help as well.
  • Ages: 5 – 12 year olds



We provide a well developed Adventure Camp for children 1st grade – 13 year old in which children go on three field trips a week with plenty of time to learn, explore, and relax.
  • Ages: Toddler – School Age


We Offer…

  • Full Time and Part Time

  • 10% Family discounts

  • 10% discount for SAPD, SAFD, and Military

  • Formula and cereal provided for infants

  • Low child/staff ratios

  • Breakfast, lunch, snack

  • Age appropriate lesson plans

  • Toilet training assistance in younger classrooms

  • Computers in older classrooms

  • Kinder Readiness Program for Pre – K

  • After School pick up for schoolagers

  • A loving, Christian environment for all ages.



My overall experience has been a blessing with this learning center. When I first moved to San Antonio, the first daycare I had my son in left me with a very horrible experience. My son had never been in daycare and the previous daycare did not bother with the time to help him adjust to his new surroundings. Hope Lutheran not only helped my son, but if you saw my son now, you would think that he had been there forever. Hope Lutheran has been very good to my son, at this moment I really have no complaints about the center. Everything is dealt with in a very professional manner, and I know my son will continue to be better and strive.

Selena Valdez
We love this place. We have been going here for 5 years. The teachers are kind and compassionate and truly care about the kids. The few issues we’ve had were addressed immediately. My kids love chapel. Actually sad my son has to leave in the fall to go to “big school.”
Amanda Morgan Riefler

My daughter attends school here and they provide her with execellent care. I have had no concerns with the level of care they are giving my daughter. I would recommend this center to family and friends. Staff is always warm and friendly. My daughter has never came home with dirty diapers or concerns she was not cared for properly. I am a working professional and would not tollerate anything but the best for my daughter.

SaBrina Browning
Writing this from my Fiance’s Google. My son goes to Hope Lutheran and he absolutely loves it. He is six months old, and started about two weeks ago. He absolutely loves it, I was leery with him not being able to talk and I feared I wouldn’t be able to know if he enjoyed it or not, but the moment I talked to Heather about the Center, I just felt that this is where I was supposed to send him. So I did, and EVERY morning, never fails, I drop him off and he just lights up when Ms. Vivian takes him. He will grab her face and “hug” her, he’ll put his head to hers, everything. Once he is there, he could care less about saying bye to mommy. When I pick him up, he’s the same, so happy, while he is happy to see me, he is also ALWAYS playing with something, and is just genuinely happy doing it. I love this center. The teachers have nothing but good things to say about my son everyday, and are very helpful in answering any questions I have.
Cody Evans


Our San Antonio Learning Center is a place where children are valued, loved and able to reach their full potential. Have a question? Let’s talk!